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Aug (Tw)

Schao 28/08/2019
Special athmosphere, retro feeling, creative decoration with great sense of humor :)


Agne 30/07/2019
Special athmosphere, retro feeling, creative decoration with great sense of humor :)


Kuzey 26/07/2019
First time ı am writing comment for hostel. Because It was so different and enjoyable. I had good times here. I felt like at home. So lets join it :)

stayed 21-23 June

Isis 25/06/2019
Really nice place to stay with an awesome lady at the reception


Luis 06/05/2019
I really really loved staying here. Dario was super friendly and everything was very good. I recommend staying here. Good price, nice location and delicious breakfast.

stayed Apr2019

Dhruv 01/05/2019
Host extremely welcoming and came when we arrived early morning from bus station. Even spoke Spanish with us, showed us several things to do (lots of leaflets in the hostel with different things to do in Brno, from architecture to food and party!). Small hostel with only around 14 beds, lockers are included. Amazing breakfast, eggs, bread, Nutella, cake provided!
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